Accenture Hadoop Interview Questions

Accenture Hadoop Interview Questions

Considering the Hadoop Job trends in 2010 about Hadoop development, there were none as organizations were not aware of what Hadoop is all about. However, if you search now, for “hadoop jobs”, “hadoop interview questions” and “hadoop training”, you would find thousands of free and paid resources on the internet that will help you learn Hadoop. What’s important to land a top gig as a Hadoop Developer is Hadoop interview preparation. With many advanced and complex principles, theories, programming languages, prototypes and various design styles, preparing for a Hadoop job interview at any of the multi-national companies like Cognizant, Accenture, and Capgemini is not a cakewalk. If you are preparing for a Hadoop Job interview at Accenture, then here is some helpful information that will make you aware of how Accenture analyses data at the “Speed of Now”.

Big Data and Hadoop Certification

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Accenture Analytics big data solutions helps organizations across all industries to manage their big data challenges and analytics - to maximize their returns on analytic investments. In an exponentially growing world of big data, Accenture offers big data solutions to several companies by exploring, experimenting and implementing analytics solutions to drive meaningful business outcomes. For example, providing consumers with better experiences to drive loyalty for a competitive advantage or to enhance operation efficiencies.

Accenture, in partnership with Hortonworks, helps organizations create analytic solutions in areas consisting of fraud detection, sensor networks and data lakes based on Apache Hadoop. Accenture uses Hadoop to provide end-to-end big data solutions at enterprise level to helps its clients analyse novel types of data at scale by harnessing Hortonworks Data Platform.

As of 9th August, 2016, Glassdoor listed 70 job openings for Hadoop Skill at Accenture.

Accenture Hadoop Jobs


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Accenture Hadoop Interview Questions

Commonly Asked Accenture Hadoop Interview Questions

  1. Given 1 petabyte of data to migrate into Apache Hadoop, mention what are the factors to be considered for migration and list out the tasks that are involved.

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