Data Scientist Salary Report of 100 Top Tech Companies

Data Scientist Salary Report of 100 Top Tech Companies

With more than 1700 data science jobs and $116,870 being the average data scientist salary – a Data Scientist job role is worth paying attention to in 2016. Glassdoor report ranks Data Scientist job as the “Best Job in America for 2016” based on career opportunities rating, number of open  data science jobs and average salaries earned by data scientists.  Business media from Forbes to The New York Times have had many headlines in 2015 about the increasing demand for data scientists, high salaries for data scientists and the skills set required to become a data scientist. It does not come as a surprise that data science is one of the fastest and hottest technology trend of 2016.Every company  has an online presence these days and each one needs a competent data scientist who can help them store and manage their data for profitable decision making.

Data Scientist Best Job in America

Big Data is here to stay and businesses will continue to hire experts in data storage and data analysis. Data Scientists have a unique advantage as the world increasingly turns towards data for better decision making. These unicorns of data analysis are of great value to any organization as they help discover novel information that paves way for new revenue streams or helps a company streamline its business operations.

Data Scientist Salary Report 2016

Whether you are a data scientist speculating how your salary stacks up with your peers or you are an individual planning to pursue a career in data science - this detailed data science salary report that gives information about the data science salary range and average data scientist salary at some of the top tech companies will help you in your career choices. This data scientist salary report will help you get an approximation on the big money one can expect to earn from various data science jobs.


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Data Scientist Salary 2016

“Data Scientist” is likely to replace a “Doctor” or “Lawyer” as the profession of choice that parents will inspire and encourage their kids to pursue in future. 6000 companies are likely to hire data scientists and the industry is going to create 4.4 million data science jobs by 2018. According to a McKinsey report, by end of 2018 the demand for data scientists is expected to be 60% greater than the supply.

According to a recent news on Financial Times – “PwC seeks more data scientists to analyse deals.”- Feb 14th, 2016. PwC currently employs 500 data scientists and recent reports reveal that it will hire 1000 more data scientists in the next two years for global deals operations. The search for full time data scientist jobs on the popular job portal Glassdoor showed 2339 job listings in December 2015 with data science jobs from top tech companies like Fidelity Bank, Uber,, Facebook and Pinterest. Data scientist jobs will be easy to find but difficult to fill. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for computer research and data scientists is anticipated to grow by 11% from 2014 to 2024.

Data Scientist is going to be one of the most difficult jobs to fill in 2016 as the job responsibilities and skill sets of a Data Scientist are yet being defined at several companies. Only 40% of the interviewed candidates get hired as data scientists by the top tech companies. This will also pose a recruiting challenge for the hiring managers in finding the best and the brightest candidates who can extract value from data.

Data Science Skills Must Haves for 2016

Master the Must Have Data Science Skills for 2016

Candidates interested to pursue a career in data science have often asked this question - “What skills are most employers looking for while hiring data scientists?” It is a known fact that data scientists are a rare breed as they are required to have high quality specialized knowledge and a myriad skill set but there are few skills which every data scientist must know. SQL, Hadoop, Python, R and Java are the five most desirable skills employers are looking for and are willing to shell out big money for candidates with expertise in these skills. According to CrowdFlower analysis of 3490 postings for data science job roles in LinkedIn, the most in-demand skills for data scientists in 2016 are -

  • SQL takes the first place with 57% of data science job postings citing it as the most in-demand skill for a data scientist. With an increase in SQL-on-Hadoop initiatives by various companies –SQL has become one of the most needed skills for data scientists.
  • Hadoop is the second most in-demand skill as it helps data scientists store and create high-quality reference data that is used to train analytical models. 49% of data science job postings mention Hadoop as a must-have skill for a data scientist. Other Hadoop related tools that are in-demand for data scientists, include MapReduce (22%), Pig (16%) and Hive (31%).

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  • Programming in Python is the third most important skill which recognises the fact that data science is not just about statistics. Data science involves cleaning, preparing and enriching data- Python has a great toolset for this. Python programming language helps data scientists get data into a form so that it can be analysed. 39% of the job postings on LinkedIn mention Python as a critical skill for data scientists.According to O’Reilly Data Science Salary Survey – Python is among one of the top tools used by 51% of the data scientists.

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  • R is the language of choice for doing data analysis. 32% of the job postings on LinkedIn mention R programming language as a skill requirement for data scientists.

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  • Java is also on the list of most ‘in-demand’ skill for data scientist job requirements, though it might not be a great language for doing data analysis. The fact that Java has been highlighted in 37% of data scientist job listings is because Hadoop is written in Java.
  • Apache Spark and Scala programming language is not yet on the list of skills required for data science jobs but they will be the future of data science as increasing number of organizations are moving towards Apache Spark adoption in 2016.

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Data Scientist Jobs in Various States in US

Why you should become a Data Scientist

It is obvious that technology firms like Netflix, Spotify, Uber and Amazon, have data science teams but the job role of a data scientist has now filtered down to non-tech companies like GAP, Nike, Neiman Marcus, Clorox and Walmart. These companies are looking to hire brightest professionals with expertise in Math, Statistics, SQL, Hadoop, Java, Python and R skills for their own data science teams.

Data Scientist Jobs in California

The search for the term “Data Scientist” in California on Glassdoor showed 836 open data science jobs as of Feb 20th, 2016.


Data Scientist Jobs in California


Data Scientist Jobs in Washington

The search for the term “Data Scientist” in Washington on Glassdoor showed 236 open data science jobs as of Feb 20th, 2016.


Data Scientist Jobs in Washignton


Data Scientist Jobs in New York

The search for the term “Data Scientist” in New York on Glassdoor showed 322 open data science jobs as of Feb 20th, 2016.


Data Scientist Jobs in New York



Data Scientist Salary- Facts and Figures

According to Burtch Works, an executive recruiting firm that surveyed 171 data scientists – the average data science salary for entry-level positions, range from $80,000 for people with 1 to 3 years of experience to $155,500 for people with 9 years’ experience. The average data science manager salary ranges from $140,000 to $240,000. A data scientist who heads a team of 10 or more people can earn as much as $240,000.

The average data science entry-level salary in US is $91,000 and in Silicon Valley it is a whopping $110,000.

According to, average data scientist salary is $123,000.

According to, average data scientist salary in the Bay Area is $126,000.

Average Data Scientist Salary Based On different states in US

  • According to Payscale, average data scientist salary in US as of 12th Jan, 2016 is $91,613
  • As per to, average data scientist salary NYC as of Feb 20th, 2016 is $109,000
  • states that the average data scientist salary Chicago as of Feb 20th, 2016 is $118,000
  • According to, average data scientist salary Boston as of Feb 20th, 2016 is $100,000
  • estimates that the average data scientist salary Atlanta as of Feb 20th, 2016 is $100,000 and that of a Lead Data Scientist is $136,000.
  • As per to, average data scientist salary Dallas as of Feb 20th, 2016 is $81,000.
  • According to, average data scientist salary California as of Feb 4th, 2016 is $126,875

Data Scientist Salary California

Data Scientist Salary California

Data Scientist Salary NYC

Data Scientist Salary NYC

Data Scientist Salary Boston

Data Scientist Salary Boston

Data Scientist Salary Chicago

Data Scientist Salary Chicago


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As the industry continues to see an increased salary trend for data science jobs, it is evident that the big data world that highly values their contributions.2016 is the best time to learn data science and make a career switch. DeZyre’s IBM Certified project-based data scientist training, in various tools and technologies like - Hadoop, Spark, Python and R helps individuals apply their research skills to a product or business for better decision making.

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Disclaimer – All salaries listed above have been collated from Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale as a reference.




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