DeZyre Reviews: Hadoop Online Training Class of Oct 26 2014

DeZyre Reviews: Hadoop Online Training Class of Oct 26 2014

The Hadoop Online Training course is conducted through live webinar sessions. There are 42 hours of live classes where the students get to interact with the faculty in an online Hadoop training class. The faculty at DeZyre are industry experts in the field of Hadoop and the course curriculum is designed as per industry standards. Our teaching standards are very high and we are glad that some of our students took the pain to write such detailed wonderful reviews for DeZyre.

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Reviews from DeZyre Online Hadoop Training Class of Oct 26 2014

To understand what happens in these sessions, let’s take a look at what happened at DeZyre’s Hadoop Online Training Class of Oct. 26 2014.

“The instructor went slow while explaining the Hadoop architecture. I appreciate that as it is necessary to understand the fundamentals thoroughly. The MapReduce examples were good. The instruction provided is good. The instructor is thorough and walks through the example line by line which is very helpful in understanding the concept. Keep up the good work!”  

- Harini Anand, Technical Project Manager

DeZyre Reviews: Online Hadoop Training Class of Oct 26 2014

“The course overall was very informative and a good start for anyone new to the big data and Hadoop environment. Explanation of concepts by Karan using examples helped a lot in understanding the various tools used. A big thumb’s up for the efforts put in by the DeZyre team in preparing the course content and helping us out in beginning to get our hands dirty with Hadoop. “

                               - Keith Mascarenhas,Data Warehousing Business Intelligence Professional

“The session was pretty good and it was flowing in sequence. The only thing I recommend is probably we can increase the speed of delivery a little bit. But on the whole, the concepts so far were explained in very detailed fashion. Impressed :)”          

-Sravan Vandlamani, Business Intelligence Data Engineer

“Very effective session and really liked the way the instructor took time to answer all the queries. No negative at all and though I missed the first class I had no problems in picking things up. I liked the hands-on portion where different Hadoop commands were executed. It would be good to have 5 min quiz session before the start of each class so that we refresh the concepts of the previous class. I really like the way the session is going and with all the recordings and materials I am slowly getting an idea about the world of Big data. The quiz is really helpful in revising the concepts. It would be great if a summary video of max 15 mins can be made for each module which will help us in quick revision. Had a good understanding of the Data processing tools like Sqoop and Flume and a very good insight on HBASE. In the last session for the Big Data and Hadoop course and Karan left us motivated. This Hadoop course helped me getting an understanding of how to solve Big Data problems using the various tools available. The one thing that really helped was Karan's practical in-sights into the problems. I really enjoyed the course and really appreciate the effort put in by all the DeZyre team.”

-Kunal Hajra, Software Architect

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“The class is going very well. The information is presented clearly and thoroughly. The instructor was the best. He definitely set us up for a lifetime of success and in addition to good instruction he gave good advice on motivation”

-Christian Dekonink, Security Engineer

“Excellent sessions, highly motivated and experience person.”

-Anil Kumar Nechiyil, Principal consultant

“Excellent online course for Big data and Hadoop knowledge. I did this my own expense and my own time to standout in market and to prepare myself ready for next technology. This course did provide that level to me. Thank you to Karan and Shobhan for teaching it excellently.”

-Rajiv Kumar, Software developer

“This has been an interesting course. Big Data has a totally different paradigm than RDMS. I feel like a freshman. There are so many things to learn. This course gives a good overview, lets me know what are the pieces involved.”

-Surmani Lee, Data Architect/modeler





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