Hadoop Jobs Salary Trends in India

Hadoop Jobs Salary Trends in India

Now, a big-data driven news app for India. June 7, 2016. Gizmodo.in

23K jobs for big data analytics in Bengaluru. Feb 23, 2016. Times of India.

Data analytics firms gear up to lure the best talent as the demand for specialised talent increases. June 22, 2016. Economic Times.

TCS partners with four colleges to offer courses in Big Data. June 22, 2016. Economic Times

Academy for data science to be launched. June 16, 2016. TimesofIndia

Infosys invests USD 4 Million in Waterline Data Science. Jan 28, 2016. TheHindu.

All these headlines in the news clearly prove that big data analytics sphere in the next few years is the big key to unfold the career of IT professionals in data analytics. The increasing number of startups, boom in the e-commerce industry, consumer driven market and growing economy are all set to create huge big data job opportunities in the analytics space with commanding salaries in India. India has the second highest demand for big data, data science and analytics professionals, US being the first. This blog post gives an overview on the big data analytics job market growth in India which will help the readers understand the current trends in big data and hadoop jobs and the big salaries companies are willing to shell out to hire expert Hadoop developers.

Hadoop Developer Salaries in India


Indian Big Data Analytics Market worth 2+ Billion

By 2017-2018, India alone will be a major shareholder of the overall big data analytics market worth $2.3 billion. Major industries driving demand for analytics talent in India are - e-Commerce & Retail, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing and IT with e-Commerce being the highest paymaster for Hadoop salaries in India. Many organizations across these industries have started increasing awareness about the new big data tools and are taking steps to develop the big data talent pool to drive industrialisation of the analytics segment in India.

Aditya Narain Mishra, President of Indian Unit of Global Recruiting firm, Randstad said –“Up to 20% of data analytic jobs are going unfilled or are being filled with difficulty.”

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Experts estimate a dearth of 200,000 data analysts in India by 2018.Gartner report on big data skills gap reveals that about 2/3rd of big data skill requirements remains unfilled and only 1/3 are met. This demand and supply gap has widened the big data and hadoop job market, creating a surging demand for big data skills like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Data Mining, Machine Learning, etc.

Big Data Skills Gap

For trained professionals in big data and hadoop, there are ample of job opportunities waiting to be grabbed- Hadoop Developer, Data Engineer, MapReduce Application Developer, Hadoop Administrator, Data Architect, Java Hadoop Lead, etc.

It’s raining jobs for Hadoop skills in India. Don’t believe us? Just look for the job listings of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture, IBM, Citibank, TCS, and Infosys with hadoop skills. You are definitely going to find a few job listings with Hadoop as a necessary skillset. Amazon is the top job poster as of June 23, 2016 with 151 hadoop openings in India on LinkedIn.

Hadoop Jobs at Amazon

It is not just the well-established companies like Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, Microsoft are hiring for analytic skills but startups like Fractal Analytics, Crayon Data, Sigmoid Analytics, Heckyl, etc. trying to make disruptive innovations by tapping big data.

A search term for jobs requiring “Hadoop” skill in India on Glassdoor showed up 3455 Hadoop Jobs in India as of June 23, 2016. Of the 3455 big data and hadoop jobs in India, close to 50% i.e. 1637 jobs are in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. Of the 90,000+ big data professional in India, Bangalore is said to be recruiting 30% of analytics talent.

Hadoop Jobs in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad.Mumbai)

Hadoop Job Openings in Bangalore

Big Data and Hadoop Jobs in Bangalore

List of Companies Hiring for Big Data and Hadoop Jobs in India



Fractal Analytics










Latent View





Standard Chartered

J P Morgan



Adobe Systems


United Health Group



Big Data and Hadoop Developer Salary in India

According to a Global Recruiting Fir, Randstad, the average salaries for big data analytic professionals are 50% more than that of other IT professionals.

The average salary for big data analytic professionals in the non-managerial role is 8.5 lakhs INR, whilst managers can earn an average of whopping 16 lakhs. These average salaries are merely big data skills like hadoop and spark. For skilled professionals with deep analytical talent the salaries are even higher-data scientists under the non-managerial roles earn an average salary of 12 Lakhs whereas managers earn an average salary of 18 lakhs.IT professionals with analytic skills get close to 250% hike in their salaries.  Many companies in India are willing to match the huge hikes in the industry that candidates are looking for, when switching careers to hire expert talent in the big data space.

Hadoop Developer Salaries in India in various cities

According to a Salary Survey report by Analytics India in 2015, analytics professionals with a Master’s Degree at entry level can earn an average package of 4 – 10 Lakhs per annum. Experienced professionals from 3-10 years can expect an average package of 10-30 Lakhs per annum based on their experience in the relevant domain. IT professionals with 10+ experience can grab a handsome salary package of more than 1 Crore. Aren’t these Hadoop salary packages music to your ears?

Big Salaries for Big Data Hadoop Jobs in India

Name of the Company

Average Salary

Salary Range




852,549 INR

600K – 1M INR


Big data/Hadoop developer


1,062,796 INR

120K - 1.5M INR


Big Data Solutions Engineer

CIGNEX Datamatics


36K – 106K INR


Big Data Developer


2,761,333 INR

1.9M - 3.62M INR


Senior Software Development Engineer

Thought Works

770,289 INR

525K - 1.02M INR


Big Data Engineer

McKinsey & Company


211K – 227K


Senior Data Engineer

Infogain India Private Limited

102,836 INR

1.12M - 1.21M INR


Developer – Hadoop


11,92,662 INR

1.13M -1.26M INR


Sr. Software Development Engineer

Louise Blouin Media


61K—66K INR

New Delhi

Big Data Analysts


934,582 INR

120K - 1.29M INR


Big Data Practice Lead

For the complete list of big data companies and their salaries in India- CLICK HERE

What companies are looking for when hiring analytic professionals in India?

Knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, R NoSQL and traditional RDBMS’s along with strong foundation in math and statistics. Problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity and business acumen can take professionals long way in big data and data science disciplines.

India will witness the ability of big data and data science technology to look at all possible data streams and take valuable decisions on the fly. There is lots happening in the analytics space as organizations realise the value of real-time customer drive analytics. If you are looking for big leap in your career, then this is the best time to master big data skills.

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