Recap of Apache Spark News for February

Recap of Apache Spark News for February

News on Apache Spark - February 2016

Apache Spark News

IBM has launched a host of cloud services to facilitate Apache Spark. February 4, 2016,

IBM admires Spark and has made it known by launching a host of cloud services to bolster the Apache Spark performance with NoSQL, graph and machine learning capabilities. IBM has surrounded Spark with new engines which can directly feed Spark with more data for analysis and also generate insights from Apache Spark at real time.

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Atigeo’s CTO and Principle Lead Engineer will present at the Apache Spark Summit in New York from February 16-18. February 4, 2016, 

At the largest big data event specifically dedicated to Apache Spark, which will be held at New York Hilton Midtown from Feb 16-18 – David Talby, the CTO at Atigeo, will speak on fraud detection with big data technologies like Apache Spark. Atigeo has been a compassionate technology company which takes a stab at building solutions for the most pressing problems of the moment.

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Apache Spark has become the most active Big Data open source project in 2016. February 8, 2016. 

Apache Spark is all set to drive innovation in the big data world. With fast adoption across enterprises, it is becoming a favorite with companies, to create Big Data solutions. A recent survey by the big data company Syncsort showed that companies who are going for big data solutions are more interested in adopting Spark than MapReduce. Nearly 70% of the respondents chose Spark as a preferred technology.

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Apache Spark lights the way for extensive Big Data Adoption. February 10, 2016. 

10 years ago when Hadoop came to the picture, companies started adopting Big Data to solve business problems. But due the complexity of working with MapReduce in Hadoop, smaller companies shied away from Big Data as they could not afford to hire specialized talent to work with MapReduce. With the arrival of Apache Spark, Big Data adoption has spread to a wider audience, as Spark eliminates the use of MapReduce and it 100 times faster in data analysis.

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Apache Spark is becoming a favorite among UK firms for big data projects. February 16, 2016. 

At a recent study conducted by Computing, where more than 500 CTOs, CIOs, responded – declared Spark to be a popular choice for big data solutions. While most firms are still using Hadoop, Apache Spark is catching up with an adoption increase on 32%.

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Apache Spark rides on Hadoop into Enterprise adoption. February 17, 2016. 

During a Spark Summit at New Your, Forrester Inc.’s analyst Mike Gualtieri said that Spark tends to come into the enterprise piggybacking on big brother Hadoop. Mr. Gualtieri views the two technologies as complementary as many Hadoop vendors have included Spark in their distributions. ‘Hadoop was built for volume and Spark is built for speed’, Mr. Gualtieri says.

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Apache Spark spreads its wings with SAP adoption. February 17, 2016. 

With buy-in in mobile analytics, SAP has announced that they will be heavily relying on Apache Spark to support its SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5 software. This software provides a performance-boosting native Spark modelling techniques for developers and data scientists working in Hadoop-based environments.

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Apache Spark is all set for software update as the new 2.0 version rolls out. February 25, 2016. 

At the Spark Summit East in New York, the creator of Apache Spark, Matei Zaharia, said that a new version of Apache Spark will be rolling out in either April or May this year. Everyone was assured that there will be no major changes in the APIs. The major overhauling is directed towards data streaming with Spark streaming.

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