Recap of Data Science News for April 2017

Recap of Data Science News for April 2017

Data Science News - April 2017

Data Science News for April 2017

Data science poised to, April 4, 2017

Big data analytics spending in Thailand is anticipated to witness double-digit growth in 2017 due to the increasing amount of data and as companies move towards data driven decision making. The software unit of US based Teradata Corporation- Teradata Thailand expects to see a double digit revenue growth in 2017 with the overall growth the analytics industry. It has increased its local staff by 20% to support its growth plan.Jeerapa Kongswangwongsa, managing director of Teradata Thailand said that there is shortage of analytics talent as there are only 300-400 data scientists in Thailand.Teradata is in talks with leading industries to provide curricula for learning data science with the intent of producing more data scientists in the country to support the country’s digital driven economy.

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New ActivePython Release Targets Data Science, Web, April 4, 2017.

Vancouver, BC based ActiveState company released its commercial Python distribution named ActivePython that focuses on web development and data science. The ActivePython distribution has been downloaded more than 4 million times because of its cross-platform compatibility and ease of installation. The latest ActivePython 2.7.13 and 3.5.3 distributions include 200 popular packages that focu on web app development and data science along with enhanced security measure and code quality.

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KSU opens Equifax Data Science Research, April 5, 2017

Kennesaw State University opened the Equifax Data Science Research lab as a part of its Ph.D. program in Analytics and Data Science.  KSU’s Ph.D. program in analytics and data science is one of its kind in the country that trains professionals to translate large amounts of data into information for better decision making. The mission of Equifax lab is to facilitate investigation of business challenges and opportunities that are created by non traditional sources of commercial and consumer data.

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How Data Science Is Helping Brands And Publishers., April 7, 2017.

Brands and publishers can now generate additional revenue than before using data science by gleaning insights that deliver particular strategy on as to what will maximize the return. Data science is fueled by the use of AI and Machine Learning.Entertainment and Media companies like MediaRadar  that work with 1400+ publishers are realizing the true potential of these technologies as it helps them track and evaluate advertisement so that their customers can access required business insights so as to target their sales pitches for profitable results.All thanks to the data science platform capabilities that are helping companies like MediaRadar establish long-lasting relationships with publishers like Giant Media and Bloomberg.

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Global $385.2 Billion Data Science Platform Market, 2025: High ROI Through Implementation of End-to-end Data Science Platform - Research and Markets., April 10,2017.

Global Data Science Platform Market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 39.2% in the next decade reaching $385.2 billion by end of 2025. The industry report by Research and Markets evaluates the market trends, leading players in data science platform market, technological innovations in future, new investors and entrants in the marker and future strategies for existing players.

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Best known for data-driven lending, Avant uses data science for so much more., April 11, 2017.

Avant’s co-founder Paul Zhang has put math to work in the last few years to streamline the borrowing process for consumers whose credit scores fall under the threshold of traditional bank loan.Using mathematical techniques and data science Avant can identify low-risk consumers and provide them access to credit. The machine learning framework to train the models is written in R programming language and R is also the data science programming language at Avant that is deployed into production. Thus, this eliminates the translation layer for data scientists working at Avant as they need not work in one programming language and later translate it for production deployment.

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DataScience Launches Interactive Tool For Exploring Data Science Trends., April 11, 2017.

DataScience Inc. released a novel interactive tool for exploring and visualizing data trends from more than 2.8 million GitHub repositories. Using this tool, users can compare activity across various open source libraries replacing various legacy solutions in enterprise data science all without having to write complex code. Non-technical audiences can use this tool to compare 20+ events from new commits to pull requests. The easy to use interface of the tool also makes it easy for users to mine GitHub for information and interact with trends on a timeline within a particular date range.

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3 reasons why data scientist remains the top job in America., April 14, 2017.

Data Scientist job role claimed the top spot second year in a row in Glassdoor’s report of top 50 best jobs in America. With a media base salary of $110,000, job satisfaction score of 4.4 of 5 and a job score of 4.8 of 5 - Data Scientist remains the top job in America followed by other IT jobs like DevOps engineers and Data Engineers. Top 3 reasons why Data Scientist remained the top job in America for 2017 include -

  • Increasing challenges to organize data.
  • Shortage of required talent
  • The need for data scientists is not restricted just to the tech industry.

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HEC workshop on Data Science., April 16, 2017.

There is a dire need for professionals who can play with data for the betterment of local businesses and community. Due to lack of data science training opportunities and awareness building programs, it is difficult to capitalize on the flourishing opportunities in the field of data science.The Higher Education Commision (HEC)  has taken the initiative to promote data science activities in collaboration with national and international partners from both academia and industry. It will host a 3 day data science workshop from April 18 to April 20.

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IBM Brings Anaconda Open Data Science Platform to IBM Cognitive, April 17, 2017.

With more than 16 million downloads, Anaconda is empowering organizations worldwide with various tools for identifying data patterns, transforming data into goldmine of intelligence and helping enterprises discover key insights  by solving the most challenging problems. IBM is working  with Continuum Analytics to offer the leading open data science platform Anaconda on IBM Cognitive Systems. Anaconda provides developers with important capabilities for building cognitive solutions and now it is being made available on its high performance deep learning platform. This will allow data scientists to build and deploy deep learning applications that are ready to scale.

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Data science department announces first, April 25, 2017.

Yale University has hired University of Chicago Professor John Lafferty to teach statistical machine learning.Lafferty is one of the most distinguished data scientists in the world and specializes in machine learning.Lafferty will join Yale from July 1st and help university students master data science skills with enthusiasm and excel in it.

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Data Science Project - Instacart Market Basket Analysis
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Data Science Project on Wine Quality Prediction in R
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Ensemble Machine Learning Project - All State Insurance Claims Severity Prediction
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Predict Macro Economic Trends using Kaggle Financial Dataset
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Loan Eligibility Prediction using Gradient Boosting Classifier
This data science in python project predicts if a loan should be given to an applicant or not. We predict if the customer is eligible for loan based on several factors like credit score and past history.