Recap of Data Science News for January 2018

Recap of Data Science News for January 2018

Data Science News - January 2018

Data Science News 2018

Gartner: Data Science Needs are Coming for Your IT Budget,, January 2, 2018.

Gartner report finds wide range of practices within 3 important use cases for data science that include business exploration, production refinement and advance prototyping.Gartner suggests that enterprise leaders should have a glance at their company’s BI and analytic resources and take stock. Leaders need to identify their challenges and high-priority need by working with data science teams.This will help them identify their critical capabilities that will have major impact on data science projects, and enable them choose the best platform depending on the required user skill set and use-case mix.
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3 routes to data science, January 8,2018.

Mark Shilton who is a data scientist at skyscanner recently spoke at EyeforTravel’s Smart Data Summit held in Amsterdam. Mark shared great insights on how Skyscanner is using AI-driven data science to drive business value.He focused on which data science route they took to succeed of the three routes -Centralised (business units bring a big data problem to a centralised data science team), diffused (data scientists are embedded within the business units.) and Deployed (data science teams are forward deployed to new business units). Skyscanner took the deployed route where data scientists sit in teams with a particular data science requirement and a central management function coordinates it. This route helped Skyscanner set common standards and principles that all data scientists could work with.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Data Scientist?,January 8,2018.

Data Science is a highly complex field with multiple specialities. Data scientists need to posses a great combination of technical and analytical skills which makes them most in-demand experts across the globe.The cost of hiring a data scientist is based on several factors because not all data science project require data scientists with Phd in Statistics and machine learning skills. Before trying to know the cost of hiring a data scientist , it is important to know the kind of data scientist you need because there are distinct specialities for a data scientist job role (data analyst ,data engineer and data scientist). Having identified the kind of data scientist you need , you need to identify the skills and technologies you are looking for .As of today, the big data framework Apache Spark and Scala programming are significantly valuable.A Stackoverflow survey reveals that data scientists who use Spark , Hadoop, and Scala command the highest rates than data scientists who use Python, R and Java.

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Vancouver data scientists crunch numbers behind overdose crisis to help with, January 13, 2018.

Several Data Scientists  of Vancouver collaborated the social justice organization Dataforgood to provide further insights into the city’s opioid overdose crisis. Peter Kim, the co-founder of the Vancouver chapter of dataforgood said - "So many people out there think that drug users are somehow inherently weak or flawed and they are here by virtue of this weakness and that is simply not true and we are hoping that this is what that data will show."  Sarah Blyth from the Overdose Prevention Society  thinks that the data will reveal what kind of trauma and pain can lead to addictions which will in turn help in the development of better overdose prevention tools.

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Data scientists need cloud tools to unlock value of data for businesses., January 15, 2018.

A recent data survey by Gartner highlights cloud growth in multiple areas meaning data scientists will have to deal with new workloads from IoT devices , AI and analytics.  Accessing data in the cloud is a critical for data scientists and they need some centralized platform that is accessible across all data science teams. Data scientists spend only 20% of their time actually analysing data while 80% of their time is spent in finding , cleaning and organizing data. For these reasons , organizations have to provide data scientists with new cloud tools that they can use to quickly organize the increasing data volume which will leave them with more time to utilize their skills for analysing large datasets generated by everything from sensors to devices and users.

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Bowling For AI: Booz Allen Hamilton And Kaggle Launch Data Science Bowl, January 16, 2018

Booz Allen Hamilton , widely renowned consulting and IT firm in collaboration with Kaggle , the largest data science community , announced the 4th annual data science bowl. This years data science bowl will ask thousands of data enthusiasts to train deep learning models that could help analyse cell images and identify nuclei  across different experiments without the intervention of biologists. The earlier data science bowl competitions targeted various topics around heart disease, ocean health, and lung cancer. The worldwide competition will run for 90 days and the winners will get to split $170,000 cash and several prizes which include Nvidia’s powerhouse personal AI supercomputer.

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Apple hires data science team from Silicon Valley, January 19, 2018

Apple hired the tech team of 18 people from Silicon Valley Data Science along with its two co-founders. Silicon Valley Data Science is a Mountain View based startup in data science consulting that provides organizations with advisory services, data engineering and actionable insights through artificial intelligence.Apple has not acquired the startup and neither revealed any details on what the team will be working on.
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Malaysia's Stats Dept is world's first to have certified data scientists., January 23, 2018.

Malaysia's Statistics Department has become the world’s first government agency to have certified data scientists, all thanks to the collaboration with SAS institute Sdn Bhd.SAS Institute trained 211 data scientists in 2017 who will now contribute to MDEC’s initiative to promote benefits of embracing digital economy.Malaysia’s Statistics Department is the world’s first government Statistical Office having the highest  number of SAS-certified data scientists. The proliferation IoT has opened up opportunities for data science professionals in Malaysia as there is demand for people who can understand, interpret and gain valuable insights from data.As of today, there are 7000 big data professionals in Malaysia and the number is likely to reach 20,000 by end of 2020.

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