Recap of Hadoop News for September

Recap of Hadoop News for September

News on Hadoop-September 2016

Apache Hadoop News

HPE adapts Vertica analytical database to world with Hadoop,,September 1, 2016.

To compete in a field of diverse data tools, Vertica 8.0 has expanded its analytical database support for Apache Hadoop and Spark integration and also to enhance Apache Kafka management pipeline. Vertical analytic platform could access hadoop data before but with Vertica 8.0 the analytical engine can now directly work with data stored in hadoop without worrying about data movement.

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Survey Reveals Troubleshooting as a Top Challenge to Running Hadoop in Production., September 13,2016.

Pepperdata’s survey of 100 production hadoop users revealed that fast and efficient troubleshooting was a top operations challenge but only after lack of hadoop skills.Based on the survey and increasing demand for improved troubleshooting tools, the company launched Pepperdata Insights Service that’s coupled with granular cluster diagnostics to help operations team reduce troubleshooting by 90% and focus on solving challenging performance problems.

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Unravel Data Launches Performance Intelligence Platform,Dramatically Improving Big Data Application,September 13, 2016.

Unravel data launched a full-stack performance intelligence platform for optimizing big data operations. The new big data platform will optimize resource usage, accelerate big data operations and provide operations intelligence. The new platform by Unravel Data automates discovery and problem resolution across various big data technologies like Hadoop ,Spark and Apache Kafka, thereby reducing the time taken to resolve any issue in seconds.


Front Ends and Extensions Take Hadoop in New,September 14,2016.

In the history of big data analytics, high level applications have paved way for various useful connectors and front ends which provided extended functionalities over what the original applications could.For instance, the rise of SQL DB applications opened up the door for database front ends, ushered plug-ins, and connectors.Similarly, the rise of excel spreadsheets gave birth to macros, plugins and other excel extensions. Now, in the era of big data, Hadoop has inspired the growth of its ecosystem with powerful front ends and extensions like -Lens, Twill, Kylin, etc.Apache Hadoop ecosystem is growing rapidly.


Have Your Cake And Eat It: Big Data Without Hadoop.,September 19,2016.

Hadoop has gained popularity in the big data space for large scale data mining and building features like recommendations and personalizations that account for the profitability of a company.All this comes at the cost of Hadoop developers, lots of hardware and IT personnel. Using NoSQL alternative to hadoop for use cases that require data hubs, IoT and real time analytics can save time,money and reduce risk.

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Big Data Analytics –The Best Career Move in the Coming Years!, September 21,2016.

Experts say that 2016 is the best time to make a career in big data and hadoop and here’s why -

1) Salary: The increasing interest in big data and data science is expanding the wages for gifted experts. A professional with a combination of big data and data science skills can earn an average salary of 13.9 lakhs whilst professionals with only big data skills can earn an average salary of 9.8 lakhs.

For the complete list of big data companies and their salaries- CLICK HERE

2) Used in wide range of Industries: Big data usage across varied industries like finance, retail, e-commerce,real estate is making organizations more information and customer centric leading to increased profitability.

3) Big Data is an integral part of Decision Making:In the digital era,organizations have to take quick decisions to stay ahead in the competitive world.

4) Future for Data Analytics: Undeniably, Big Data has surprised the business and will keep on growing in coming years.

5) Empowering Job titles: Loads of opportunities for dedicated and experienced big data professionals.


The Latest Big Changes in Big Data.,September 22, 2016.

The awareness of Big Data and the progress towards it has grown immensely. This has lead to the deeper innovation of the technology. The big player in the big data world- EMC that provides hadoop consultancy as a part of EMC big data portfolio has collaborated in a billion-dollar deal with Dell and Micro Focus, an UK based consulting company.


SAP officially announces acquisition of big data startup,September 27, 2016.

SAP acquired a big data startup Altiscale that deals with cloud based versions of Hadoop and Spark open source software for storing, processing, and analyzing different types of data. It is said that the deal was closed for more than $125 million.  However,SAP did not disclose the numbers but confirmed about the acquisition. SAP and Altiscale will now work together to integrate their technology. .




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