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Denormalize JSON data related to Field Service Management and analyse using Hive

In this project you will be working on denormalizing the JSON data and create HIVE scripts with ORC file format.

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What will you learn

  • Analyze JSON data
  • Loading JSON format to Hive
  • Create a Schema to the fields in the table
  • Creating queries to set up the EXTERNAL TABLE in Hive
  • Create new desired TABLE to copy the data
  • Creating query to populate and filter the data
  • Analyze log files in HIVE

What will you get

  • Access to recording of the complete project
  • Access to all material related to project like data files, solution files etc.

Project Description

We have JSON dump(extract) with us which contains multiple details related to FSM(Field Service Management). The various details include

  • Vehicles Info
  • Crew Info
  • WorkOrders
  • Work Order transactions in a month.

We need to denormalize the JSON data and analyse using HIVE scripts.