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Carvana Image Masking Challenge

In this hackerday, we are going to develop an algorithm that will automatically identify the boundaries of the car images which will help to remove the photo studio background.
Event Date
Sep - 2017
07:30pm - 10:00pm PST
Sep - 2017
07:30pm - 10:00pm PST
What are the prerequisites for this project?
  • Anaconda Distribution
  • Python 3.6 with keras module install
  • This project assumes that you have a good knowledge of Data Science and the Python language. If not - we recommend you to take the Data Science in Python course first.

What will you learn

  • Understanding Image Masking
  • Different Exploratory methods of Image Analysis
  • Similar and Duplicate Analysis
  • Working on Convolution Neural Network
  • Evaluation of Image Algorithm

Project Description

About Company:

As with any big purchase, full information and transparency are key. While most everyone describes buying a used car is frustrating, it’s just as annoying to sell one, especially online. Shoppers want to know everything about the car but they must rely on often blurry pictures and little information, keeping used car sales a largely inefficient, local industry.

Carvana, a successful online used car startup, has seen an opportunity to build long term trust with consumers and streamline the online buying process.

An interesting part of their innovation is a custom rotating photo studio that automatically captures and processes 16 standard images of each vehicle in their inventory. While Carvana takes high-quality photos, bright reflections, and cars with similar colors as the background cause automation errors, which requires a skilled photo editor to change.‚Äč


To develop an algorithm that automatically removes the photo studio background. This will allow
Carvana to superimpose cars on a variety of backgrounds. You’ll be analyzing a dataset of photos,
covering different vehicles with a wide variety of year, make, and model combinations.




Data Scientist / Business Consultant at GE

3 years of rich working experience in BIG Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics with CMMI Level 5 Organizations in BFSI, Manufacturing Sector. Excellent written and oral communications, strong analytical and problem solving capabilities. Constantly learning and experimenting emerging open source tools and technologie see more...

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