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Hadoop Project - Choosing the best SQL-on-Hadoop Engine

In this project, we will take a look at three different SQL-on-Hadoop engines - Hive, Phoenix, Impala and Presto.
What are the prerequisites for this project?
  • Knowledge of Hive is required but not mandatory.
  • Requires the download and setup of any Hadoop sandbox. Preferably Cloudera Quickstart VM or Hortonworks HDP Sandbox.

What will you learn

  • Apache Phoenix, how it works and how to install it.
  • Presto, how it works and how to install it.
  • Impala and how to use it.
  • Using SQL-on-Hadoop in data processing framework like Spark.
  • Compare the performance of these various engines.
  • Lookup other SQL-on-Hadoop out there.

Project Description

The hype around SQL-on-Hadoop had died down and now people want more from these SQL-on-Hadoop engines. More requirements like real-time queries, support from various file formats, support from user-defined functions and support from various client connectivities.

In this Hackerday, we will take a look at three different SQL-on-Hadoop engines - Hive, Phoenix, Impala, and Presto. While our expectations for hive should be relatively expected, we want to to see what it will take to get to adopt other SQL-on-Hadoop engines in our big data infrastructure.

After this Hackerday session, you should be able to make a choice about these engines, make the choice with a real informed decision and be able to extend these to your data processing infrastructure.



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I am passionate about software development, databases, data analysis and the android platform. My native language is java but no one has stopped me so far from learning and using angular and node.js. Data and data analysis is thrilling and so are my experiences with SQL on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and MyS see more...

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