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SQL vs NoSQL-Choosing the right DBMS for your Project

In this project, we will walk through all the various classes of NoSQL database and try to establish where they are the best fit.
What are the prerequisites for this project?
  • Cloudera Quickstart VM or any Vendor-specific Hadoop Sandbox
  • No knowledge of Big Data or Hadoop required

What will you learn

  • Review of designing in RDBMS
  • Using Key-Value Store (Redis)
  • Using Columnar Store (HBase)
  • Using Document-Oriented Store (MongoDB)
  • Using Graph Database (Neo4J)
  • Using Search Engine (ElasticSearch)
  • How to make data platform decision on which to use

Project Description

Data engineering involves a lot of decisions. And with the dozens of database solutions that we have currently, choosing a database or data storage platform is certainly one decision to make with the right knowledge and competence. 
NoSQL databases offer different paradigm and capability totally different from what we know in traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS). Also, data decision are made usually during application development until when getting the value of the data it becomes an issue.

In this Hackerday, we want to go through all the classes of NoSQL that is and pick an example of the lot. This Hackerday is not an intensive review into each of them but we will do well to mention what can be offered in each example.

We will begin with the traditional or popular RDBMS, discuss the features, functionalities, and limitations. In the light of that, we will walk through all the various classes of NoSQL database and try to establish where they are the best fit.

At the end of this Hackerday, students will be able to adequately make a choice of database type given a required business specification and non-functional requirement. Also, students will be able to take on any interview to show their wide knowledge of the different database solutions in the market.



Big Data & Enterprise Software Engineer

I am passionate about software development, databases, data analysis and the android platform. My native language is java but no one has stopped me so far from learning and using angular and node.js. Data and data analysis is thrilling and so are my experiences with SQL on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and MyS see more...

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