Data Architect

Company Name: Karsun Solutions LLC
Location: US-DC-Washington
Date Posted: 23rd Jun, 2017


  • Serves as the technical and technology expert supporting the database architecture and guide the management and improvement of the database solutions.
  • Responsible for overseeing data design models, database architecture and data repository design, in addition to creating and testing various database prototypes.
  • Reviews proposed enhancements to validate feasibility and assists with scoping and estimating work such as cloud migration, commercial RDBMS to open source.
  • Assist project managers in setting schedules for new technology adoption and prepare technical roadmaps
  • In coordination with stakeholder & developers, continuously monitors and analyze solution fitness, while looking for ways to refactor and continuously improve the services.
  • Ensures strategies, standards, and architecture are consistent and well integrated across products.
  • Develop technical prototypes in various technologies including on database servers, application servers, libraries, and frameworks
  • Advise customers on technical tradeoff of different approaches
  • Help application developers to adopt new platforms through documentation, training, and mentoring
  • Differentiate and balance customer & engineering side cultures
  • Keep skills up to date through ongoing self-directed training


Required Skills: 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related technical field
  • 10+ years of experience in IT Solution Delivery and architecture
  • 10+ years of experience in developing, administering databases (RDBMS commercial and open source) in various operating system environments, such as Unix, Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience with the following:
    • Hands on experience with clustering, replication and establishment of high availability architecture
    • Hands on experience with performance management tools
    • Working knowledge of storage, network management, distributed databases and processing
    • Working knowledge of database warehouse systems, data transfer tools and techniques
    • Practical knowledge of migration of large quantity of data (in Terabytes)
    • Working experience of establishing and documenting data standards while working with systems and database administration staff to implement, coordinate and maintain enterprise wide data architecture
    • 2+ years of experience in building big data technologies, particularly in open source technologies using Hadoop
    • Deep understanding of industry trends for data architecture
    • Good written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present technical details
    • Ability to come up with a detailed architecture that includes infra, security, disaster recovery/BCP plan

Desired Skills:

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field
  • Architecture and implementation experience in a cloud environment
  • Automated build and deployment tools (Jenkins)
  • Relevant technical certification