Data Engineer, Program Director

Company Name: Insight Data Science
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Date Posted: 28th Jul, 2016


Fellows Program

  • Drive the mentorship and technical content of the program.
  • Lead by example to create a fun, positive atmosphere in which Fellows will thrive.
  • Build connections with alumni, mentors, and industry leaders to create compelling content for the data engineering program.
  • Facilitate Fellows' self-directed learning of data science tools and techniques.
  • Monitor and advise Fellows on the hiring/interview process, act as liaison between Fellows and mentor companies in coordination with the team.
  • Oversee the progress of the entire program, taking responsibility and action for any adjustments necessary to ensure success.

Program Admissions

  • Assess applicants and interview candidates to select the group of Fellows for upcoming sessions.
  • Represent Insight and engage with prospective candidates at university and industry events.
  • Drive recruiting strategies to attract and retain outstanding candidates.

Professional Leadership & Growth

  • Tackle innovative data engineering projects, pushing the boundaries of the field.
  • Share knowledge and expertise with the broader data engineering community and Insight’s alumni via blog posts and other social media, speaking at conferences, universities, or meetups, participating in hackathons, and/or publishing open-source software.
  • Build strong relationships with data engineers, software engineers, founders, and recruiters at mentor companies to establish trust, communicate expectations, and advocate for Fellows.
  • Identify and select companies to partner with Insight, by identifying teams who are leading the field of data engineering and participating in calls with technical hiring teams.
  • Drive the direction of long-term strategy for program growth with support from the Insight Team.

kills and Experience

Leadership: Whether you've managed a team of researchers, founded your own startup, or brought a new product to launch, you have demonstrated strong leadership and people management skills, and are comfortable planning, managing, and evaluating success.

Communication: The Program Director will be the face of Insight in many forums, including: internal and external emails, website content, public speaking, interviewing, advocating for the program to potential mentor companies, advising Fellows, and facilitating group discussions and presentations.

Background: You have a software engineering background, an interest in education, and can effectively empathize with, understand, and interview Insight Fellows. Additionally, you have experience with the tech industry sufficient to facilitate self-directed learning and screen candidates who can succeed at Insight.