Data Scientist - Big Data & Cloud

Company Name: Palo Alto Networks
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date Posted: 22nd Jul, 2016

o Responsible for the overall data quality of our next-generation web content categorization, covering 100M+ domains and 20+ languages
o Feature engineering and modeling for web content classification

o Data quality monitoring and active management of the data published

o Ongoing improvements in the underling models as well as classification and heuristic technologies

o Work closely with a team of Software Engineers to design and deploy the system on a highly scalable distributed system



o 2+ years' experience with Machine Learning and Data Mining

o Strong working knowledge of machine learning algorithms that may include Na-ve Bayes, Decision Trees, SVM, Logistic Regression, Classification, and Boosting

o Experience in Data Mining/Information Retrieval with large data

o Strong problem solving skills, ability to analyze complex multivariate problems and use a systematic approach to gain quick resolution

o MS (PhD is a plus) degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field

o Experience in web content classification or machine learned ranking is a plus

o Excellent communication (written and verbal) and presentation skills