Data Scientist Job ID R5603

Company Name: Capital One
Location: Plano, Texas
Date Posted: 24th Jun, 2016

-Apply and validate statistical and other mathematical methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize economic data to assist in decision- making and support the development of business strategy.  

-Employ specialized statistical analysis software and advanced mathematical and statistical methods to design, analyze, build, validate, and help implement quantitative predictive models in order to solve business-level problems utilizing statistical modeling, multivariate linear and logistic regression, and experimental design. 

-Provide quantitative and qualitative analytic support to the work of interdisciplinary teams tasked with the design, development, and optimize customer-impacting products and experiences. 

-Assist on statistical data modeling and related analytical projects throughout the lifecycle.  

-Assess data quality, prepare data for processing, build, monitor, or validate statistical models, identify relationships and trends in econometric data, and analyze and interpret statistical data to support business decisions. 

-Identify opportunities to apply statistics to improve business performance.  

-Internalize business problems, translate them into actionable analyses or solutions, develop reports, and prepare presentations of complex statistical concepts and research results to non-statistical audience.


The position requires a Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Science, or a related quantitative analytical field and the following skill set through education or experience: qualitative and quantitative data analysis and reporting; statistical modeling; multivariate linear and logistic regression; experimental design; SAS; SQL; presentation of complex statistical concepts and research results to non-statistical audience.  Must pass company’s assessment.

Code: LI-DNP