Data Scientist

Company Name: Kallyope
Location: New York City, NY, US
Date Posted: 28th Mar, 2016
  • Critically assess current state-of-the-art computational methods in the literature on bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and computer science
  • Work closely with our experimental scientists to devise novel data analysis algorithms that supersede the state-of-the-art, partly by leveraging unique advantages of proprietary experimental protocols
  • Use ontology engineering to build software that combines experimental data with existing bioinformatics knowledge, to construct rich models of biological function from incomplete data
  • Participate in code reviews (as both reviewer and author); software deployment and maintenance; iteration planning and timeline estimation; and software design discussions
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or the Biological or Physical Sciences
  • Creativity and original thinking are paramount
  • >5 years of programming experience in C++ and a mathematical language (e.g., MATLAB or R)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (the role requires collaboration with both experimental and computational scientists)
  • Commitment to rigor, in both quantitative analysis and software development