Data Scientist

Company Name: Mordue, Allen, Roberts, Bonney, Ltd
Location: Singapore
Date Posted: 21st Sep, 2016

* Evaluate, recommend and implement solutions in the areas of data ingestion, storage and management

* Collaborate with the Portfolio Manager/ Researcher to evaluate and analyse noisy, unstructured data

* Build scalable models and algorithms to clean, visualise, and analyse large datasets – generate insights and signals for research

* Manage and lead team to research alpha signals to be included in systematic investment portfolios


* Bachelor or Master’s degree in technical disciplines including engineering, computer science, and applied sciences. Background in Financial Engineering, Mathematics, or Statistics is also desirable.

* Experience working with large unstructured data sets and distributed computing tools (Mapreduce, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, etc.)

* Experience with large enterprise databases, in traditional and alternative database technologies (SQL and NoSQL)

* At least 3 plus years’ experience in advanced statistical modelling and machine learning methods to develop robust predictive models

* Hacking skills (ability to quickly prototype solutions for diverse needs)

* Ability to scrape and retrieve data from a variety of unstructured sources (web, text) * Data manipulation – comfortable handling multiple data types across varying frequencies and complexities as well as familiar in feature selection and transformation

* Fluency in R, Python and/or other similar languages

* Adept in the use of third-party visualization tools (Spotfire, Tableau)