Data Scientist

Company Name: Tuft & Needle
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Date Posted: 22nd Sep, 2016
  • Train the business to access and create management reporting. We believe that creating (the right) metrics are the easiest way to increase autonomy and reduce management overhead.
  • Assist the digital product team in the design of A/B tests to improve our website.
  • Apply data analysis, predictive models and machine learning that can significantly impact the economic of the business.
  • Present insights to the various teams of the company. Partner with those teams to adjust and design their strategies using such data.
  • Determine which platform (if any) is needed to facilitate a culture of intellectual honesty and data-driven decision making.
  • Passion to learn what drives our customer's behaviors
  • 2+ years experience in a role of similar nature
  • Experience working in a company culture that values intellectual honesty and intellectual curiosity.
  • Expertise in working with large data sets
  • Strong understanding of database architecture, statistics, regression analysis, scientific experimentation, etc.
  • An ability to teach others
  • Ability to analyze and understand business data. Furthermore, comfortable presenting actionable insights through data visualization and clear strategies that the business can act on.
  • A great attitude and patience in helping others understand what might be obvious to you, but possibly foreign to them