Data Scientist

Company Name: Riot Games
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Posted: 23rd Sep, 2016
  • Analyze petabytes of player data, developing and testing data-fueled hypotheses, extracting useful information and turning it into helpful insight that can help us improve players' experiences
  • Identify and map new sources of data and build bridges between these data islands, bringing fresh perspective and new dimensions of analysis to bear on the challenge of identifying what we could do better
  • Work closely with other Big Data team members to identify, design, and build datasets
  • Develop resource requirements, tools, and libraries that will help the Big Data team more efficiently plumb the dark depths of our very deep, very rich data stores
  • Develop algorithms and predictive models to solve critical Riot Games problems and validate data models to ensure proper behavior
  • Prototype new ways to visualize and understand data relationships
  • Educated: though you've earned a BS or the equivalent in Computer Science or an applied quantitative field and likely added an MS or PhD in the same field to keep your BS company, you're more ninja than rockstar, preferring precision strikes to chest-thumping grandstanding; you have broad knowledge of applied mathematics, statistical methods, and algorithms
  • Experienced: you've earned badges in data mining, data-intensive application development, databases, object-oriented design, machine learning algorithms, and statistics software (preferably R, SPlus or MatLab); you've also aced one or more of: information retrieval, knowledge representation, computational linguistics, natural language processing, machine learning, or text mining – maybe earning a byline or two
  • Data-driven: you're an expert in SQL and RDBMS concepts and you have a firm grasp of the Hadoop/Map Reduce ecosystem (Hadoop, HIVE, Pig, Mahout)
  • Up to code: you bring experience in programming with JAVA, Python, and Perl; you've probably worked with C++, Java, and MySQL or R applied to large data sets
  • Innovative and analytical: you're a skilled lateral thinker, pulling insight from data and free-associating yourself into unique perspectives on problems that stump lesser innovators
  • A problem assassin: you conduct problem reconnaissance and termination with the skill and ruthlessness of Bond, but in an elegant, scalable manner; you easily identify and troubleshoot problems, quickly resolving issues
  • Player-focused: as a gamer yourself, you know the importance of listening to player needs, especially the implicit needs that can only be uncovered by analyzing and understanding player data