Data Scientist

Company Name: adMarketplace
Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 15th Oct, 2016
  • At least 2 years experience in Data Science and Machine Learning with a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or empirical science.

  • Experience in designing and coding optimization algorithms like Yield Optimization and Supply Chain Optimization.

  • Strong mathematical and statistical background, with thorough understanding of probability.

  • Data Analysis and manipulation skills with relational data (SQL, Spark DataFrames, pandas...etc).

  • Software engineering skills with coding experience using Java and Python. In addition to machine learning and data mining libraries (Sci-kit learn, scipy, SparkMLib)

  • Must have machine learning skills and experience in Regression, Time Series Forecasting, Classification and Stochastic processes.

  • Great communication skills, innovative and self-starter

  • Comfortable juggling multiple projects, demonstrated strong work ethic.

  • Strategy Machines and Game Theory.

  • Deep Learning and TensorFlow

  • Advanced graduate degree in Computer science, Math or Statistics.

  • An understanding of asynchronous design patterns, Akka reactive programming.

  • HPC, GPU and parallel processing

  • Big Data architectures and computation

  • AdTech industry experience.