Data Scientist

Company Name: Genentech
Location: South San Francisco, CA
Date Posted: 19th Oct, 2016
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on experimental design, execution, and analysis across Human Resources and broader Genentech/Roche
  • Oversee implementation and operational details of ad hoc employee surveys
  • Execute sophisticated analyses and advanced modeling that result in actionable recommendations
  • Construct and deliver clear, concise presentations of findings both in oral and written form.
  • Contribute to codebase and infrastructure for quantitative people analytics
  • See beyond numbers to recommend, inform, influence, support, and execute people and business decisions across Genentech
  • Maximize the probability that innovation will continue to thrive at Genentech
  • PhD or Masters degree in Biostatistics, Psychology or Neuroscience preferred. Degrees that emphasize in experimental design and data analysis (e.g., science, math, engineering, economics, statistics)
  • 5+ years experience with PhD/Masters or 8+ years experience of running controlled experiments to iteratively improve knowledge and processes. Experience with research programs that seek practical/predictive (rather than only statistical) significance is particularly valued
  • Proven ability to successfully partner across multiple groups
  • Experience communicating technical subjects to non-technical audiences
  • Experience in role(s) requiring strong organizational and project management skills, including ability to synthesize information to see the big picture while effectively managing details.
  • Experimental design and analysis, including validating questionnaires, designing surveys, and conducting multilevel modeling

  • Data-oriented scripting (e.g. SQL) and statistical programming (e.g., R or python)

  • Classical statistics and machine learning approaches to fitting models (e.g., ensembles, bootstrapping) and estimating their performance (e.g., cross-validation)

  • Developing shared code (e.g., version control, programming patterns, libraries/packages) and creating data pipelines

  • Experience working with human-centered data, such as demographics, psychographics, and behavior