Data Scientist

Company Name: National Grid
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date Posted: 04th Nov, 2016
  • Ability to learn multiple programming languages/Database Engines for the purposes of analyzing and using data; not software development.
    • R
    • SQL
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server
  • Machine learning tools and techniques (e.g. k-nearest neighbors, random forests, ensemble methods, etc.).
  • Software engineering skills (e.g. distributed computing, algorithms and data structures).
  • Data visualization (e.g. ggplot and d3.js) and reporting techniques.
  • Unstructured data techniques.
  • Ability to Learn Geo-Spatial Analysis and Presentation Skills.
    • ESRI Skill Set.
  • Ability to set up a sound Measurement System.
  • Statistical and Mathematical background.
    • Math (e.g. linear algebra, calculus and probability).
    • Statistics (e.g. hypothesis testing and summary statistics).
  • Business Analytics
    • NPV, DCF.
    • Cost Benefit Analysis.
    • Experimental Design.
  • Ability to utilize Data Mining Techniques to segment/classify customers, predict likelihood of product adoption, and profile Customer base from not only an an algorithmic standpoint, but a conclusion and insight drawing perspective, from tools and data that do not lend themselves to algorithmic solutions.



  • Masters degree in a quantitative discipline (Engineering, Sciences, Economics, Finance, Computer Science or equivalent) is strongly preferred, with a background in computer programming and/or a minimum of 3-5 years experience in advanced modeling desired. Additional preference would be given to a candidate with a PhD degree in a quantitative discipline. Exceptional candidates considered with Bachelors degree or Masters degree in progress.
  • Expert within their field. Extensive and significant knowledge of one field of work or broad technical depth in multiple, related fields sufficient to lead programs or projects.
  • Knowledge of relevant industry practice and legislation. Knowledge of current trends within the industry and developments in legislation or regulation.
  • Proficient in relevant software. Ability to program in R, Python, SQL, etc. for modeling purposes.
  • Knowledge of industry operations and practices, with the ability to discuss concepts and value propositions.
  • Knowledge of National Grids policies and processes and how to apply them effectively.
  • Experience of managing project teams and projects independently.
  • Experience in strategic value of analytical tools in driving process/performance excellence.