Data Scientist

Company Name:
Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 10th Nov, 2016

* Be clear experts in a field and be able to drive a research agenda that is well aligned with business needs. 
* Maintain a current understanding of industry and technology trends in the area of research. 
* Improve and accelerate technology with science, statistical modeling, algorithm design, and prototyping. 
* Contribute to Amazon's Intellectual Property through patents and/or external publications. 
* Understand business context to decisions made within and across groups. 
* Effectively communicating with senior management, colleagues, the open source community and academia. 
* Actively participate in hiring talented people and assist in the career development of others both on and outside the team, mentoring individuals and helping other managers guide the career growth of their team members. 
* Demonstrate high levels of creativity and right judgment. 


* Graduate degree in computer science, operations research, statistics, engineering, or mathematics 
* 5+ years of related work experience 
* Experience with fast prototyping 
* Experience object oriented languages and efficient low level coding 
* Experience with data mining or machine learning applications 
* Experience working effectively with software engineering teams 
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills