Data Scientist

Company Name: MGIC
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Date Posted: 23rd Nov, 2017

Job Responsibilities -

• Manage and enhance existing predictive models including monitoring performance, research and development of enhancements and internal and external documentation. 
• Identify potential business questions where new predictive models may be valuable. Manage project to research, develop and document these models and ensure the appropriate standards, reporting and monitoring are in place. 
• Be a research and development resource for expanded analytics using a variety of data sources. 
• Participate in client discussions to gain an understanding of the business needs and strategies of our customers, as well as the overall mortgage industry. 
• Provide highly complex concepts in understandable business language to enable a deeper understanding of models and analytics. 
• Provide customer support for MGIC customers in the implementation process of the models. 


Qualifications -


Completion of Doctorate Degree 

Skills Requires -
• Strong knowledge of all tools and platforms used in development at MGIC 
• Advanced knowledge and in depth understanding of: the residential mortgage lending industry; the role, operation, and significance of the secondary market, government agencies, and other key players; statistics, regression analysis, data mining and predictive modeling techniques, database management, financial concepts (ROE, NPO, IRR), and sampling theory 
• Highly advanced analytical skills to structure problems, perform very complex analyses, identify trends and inconsistencies, draw conclusions, and recommend solutions. 
• Highly advanced level of computer skills in order to do complex programming and modeling of problems using a variety of software and databases (currently, SAS, Tableau, Hadoop, Excel, Oracle and NeuralWare Predict) and be able to quickly grasp new and emerging technologies and software tools and apply them. 
• Highly effective communication and presentation skills in order to present findings and results of analyses, both verbally and in writing to MGIC management and external customers. 
• Teamwork approach to dealing with issues crossing corporate functional areas and ability to provide leadership and direction to lesser-experienced Data Consultants.