Data Scientists

Company Name: Hyperform Group
Location: New York, New York
Date Posted: 28th Mar, 2016
  • Build an in-depth understanding of the problem domain and available data assets
  • Research, design, implement, and evaluate machine learning approaches and models
  • Perform ad-hoc exploratory statistics and data mining tasks on diverse datasets from small scale to “big data”
  • Participate in data architecture and engineering decision-making to support analytics
  • Take initiative in evaluating and adapting new approaches from data science research
  • Investigate data visualization and summarization techniques for conveying key findings
  • Communicate findings and obstacles to stakeholders to help drive the delivery to market
  • Code your solutions (this is a hands-on position requiring strong programming skills)
  • Professional experience as a Data Scientist or a related software engineering role
  • Graduate degree (MS, PhD) in STEM or other quantitative disciplines from top programs
  • Thorough understanding of probability and statistics, Bayesian methods, time series analysis
  • Expertise in theory and practice of Statistics, Empirical Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Experience and in-depth knowledge of Python and other modern programming languages
  • Experience in at least one specialized statistical computing environment, preferably R
  • Experience in practical data processing, data mining, text mining and information retrieval tasks
  • Experience of scalable data management tools including Relational and NoSQL databases, Big Data architectures a strong plus
  • Knowledge of Python’s data analysis and machine learning libraries a strong plus
  • Great communication skills, team player, self-starter, self , demonstrated strong work ethic
  • Desire to use modern technologies as a disruptive influence within the Finance Services