Machine Learning Data Scientist

Company Name: Wolverine Trading
Location: Chicago, IL
Date Posted: 20th May, 2017


•    Monitor development of new and existing data sets

•    Collaborate with other traders and team

•    Improve existing models with new learning algorithms, alternative feature transformations, feature selection techniques, improved evaluation metrics, and increased model diversity


•    Creative thinkers who are driven, self-motivated, and eager to solve challenging problems
•    Exceptional programming skills
•    Working knowledge of forecasting and data mining techniques, such as linear and non-linear regression analysis, neural networks or support vector machines.

•    Capable of managing large data sets and developing statistical models

•    Interested in applying machine learning within trading

•    Possess strong familiarity with Python, R or Matlab along with development skills to support research efforts
•    Masters or PhD in Statistics, Physics, Applied Mathematics Computer Science/Machine Learning, or other highly quantitative field (or related subject)
•    Desire to work within a collaborative, team-driven environment
•    Good communication skills