Senior Consultant, Data Scientist

Company Name: Sun Life Financial
Location: Toronto, ON
Date Posted: 20th Dec, 2017


  • Research and source relevant data from internal business systems, external free and commercial data products
  • Apply machine learning, Natural Language Processing and AI techniques to extract learnings from available data
  • Use statistical methods to test finding through prototyping and scenario testing
  • Leverage business knowledge and judgement to prioritize approaches with a material financial impact
  • Use core AI and Big Data tools to solve business problems
  • Identify cutting edge algorithmic solutions available in AI domain that might be applicable to our business problems.
  • Customize the best practices in industrial techniques toward using Big Data tools and Data Science for our projects in Innovation Lab.
  • Extract actionable insights from big unstructured datasets which we have access to, by using advanced machine learning methods.

Preferred skills

  • Extensive knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools and concepts.
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction tools and techniques.
  • Good knowledge of database concepts and SQL.
  • Hands on experience with Python, R or Scala, particularly with data science related packages and visualization techniques.
  • Familiar with Spark and Hadoop.
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision and also perform well in team projects.
  • Good communication skills.

Nice to know about:

  • NoSQL databases.
  • D3.js for web based visualization.


  • University degree in math, computer science, or other relevant fields. A graduate degree (MS or PhD) is preferred.

  • 5+ years experience in data science, BI and related topics.