Senior Data Engineer

Company Name: BCG Digital Ventures
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Date Posted: 28th Oct, 2016

We have entered a decade of disruption of large corporate business models, driven by a step change in the power of technology and the audacity and speed of start-ups. To be fit for the future, visionary companies will deliberately re-imagine themselves by injecting or attacking established models with new ideas fuelled by technology. Venture Build Team consists of world-class business leaders, product designers, engineers and technology experts. Together, we are helping corporations own the next horizon of innovation.

  • 5+ years of experience in Software Engineering / BI / Data Warehouse design and development
  • 2+ year of experience in Big Data Engineering using Hadoop, Map Reduce, and preferably Apache Spark or Spark Streaming to build a Data Analytics platform, ingesting data from different sources.
  • Prior experience in a High Volume environment with Streaming Data Ingestion, processing and building data models in a production environment.
  • Workflow flexibility and strong teamwork skills
  • BS in Computer Science or related areas

Additional valued capabilities include:

  • Prior experience in a data intensive environment
  • Experience with distributed systems and cloud architecture using AWS
  • Data Modeling and Data Science experience building predictive models
  • Experience with Python, Unix, or statistical software packages (R, SAS) for data manipulation
  • Confidence with analytical tools such as Excel, R, Python, Stata, or Matlab