Senior Hadoop Developer

Company Name: R & T Consulting
Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 26th Apr, 2016

The group's aim is to create standardized solutions to complex yet common problems across Engineering. It deals with challenges of storage, low latency retrievals, high volume requests, scalability and high availability over a distributed environment for enterprise wide use.

We are updating many facets of our data and analytics infrastructure. This includes, PriceHistory, our end of day time series datastore and our Query Platform - a standardized query framework that allows users to express complex data retrieval, analytics and screening criteria

Our challenges stem from the low-latency, high throughput and high availability necessary for our applications

A successful candidate will have proven experience with the Hadoop stack and NoSQL data stores (preferably HBase or Cassandra). He/she should have experience working on critical infrastructure and a strong desire to drive a product forward. The candidate must exhibit a passion for big data technologies and a flexible creative approach to problem solving.

  • Expert programming competence in Java
  • Experience with Hadoop/HDFS/MapReduce
  • Experience with HBase/NoSQL or similar technology.
  • Experience with Spark, Kafka, Oozie, Zookeeper, Flume, or Storm is a plus.
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills; thrives in a highly collaborative and dynamic work environment
  • Experience enhancing and maintaining mission-critical software in a fast-paced environment is a plus