Software Engineer - ML/AI Applications

Company Name: Databricks
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date Posted: 25th Dec, 2017


  • Implement product features and provide engineering support for customer applications in specific verticals like health and life science (HLS) and finance on Databricks platform.
  • Have a dedicated team to work closely with sales, customer success, and other ML teams to streamline our effort on vertical markets.
  • Learn and build features to support and innovate vertical applications on Databricks.
  • Implement scalable algorithms for verticals using Apache Spark.
  • Integrate existing libraries and solutions from vertical markets.
  • Offer strong engineering support to strategic customers in targeting verticals.
  • Provide language interfaces and features for those verticals, e.g., R and Python
  • Give talks and write blog posts for thought leadership.
  • Outcomes Easy-to-use and self-serving features to support vertical applications from customers
  • Strong engineering support to customer success and strategic customers in verticals.


  • Fast learner and excellent problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork.
  • Passion for developing amazing customer experiences.
  • Strong foundation in algorithms and data structures and their real-world use cases.
  • Production quality coding standards and patterns.
  • 4+ years of general software programming experience or equivalent experience in graduate research.
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.(preferred)
  • Experience with development in R or Python.(preferred)
  • Work experience in vertical markets that apply big data such as: healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, energy, etc.