Spark Developer(Job Number: 00018747002)

Company Name: Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH)
Location: United States-California-San Jose - CA USA, CLT
Date Posted: 29th Jun, 2016

·         Work on building a reliable and scalable Spark as a Service offering.

·         Solve challenging problems at the core execution layer of the Spark engine. 

·         Work with customers to understand their needs on emerging use cases like stream processing and machine learning and build them into our product.

·         Open source the Spark features you built by contributing back to Apache.


·         Strong in algorithms and have good experience with Java/Scala.

·         Knowledge of Spark/Hadoop and how it works (or a willingness and enthusiasm to learn).

·         Experience in building/debugging distributed systems.

·         Contributed to Open Source projects like Hadoop/Spark/Hive/HBase or others in the big data eco-system.

·         Masters degree in computer science or related engineering field.