Sr. Big Data Engineer - Spark

Company Name: Society Consulting
Location: Bellevue, WA
Date Posted: 01st Apr, 2016

The successful candidate will provide the following to the business:

- Develop analytics solutions leveraging big data technology (Spark ecosystem) to ingest, process and analyze large, disparate data sets to meet/exceed business requirements

- Unify, enrich, and analyze customer engagement and telemetry and operational data to derive insights and opportunities

- Leverage in-house data platforms as needed and recommend and build new data platforms/solutions as required to meet/exceed business requirements

- Clearly communicate findings, recommendations, and opportunities to improve data systems and solutions

- Keep the client apprised of current work items and completion dates

Demonstrates engineering expertise

• Demonstrates understanding of big data technology, concepts, tools, features, functions and benefits of different approaches to apply them

• Seeks out information to learn about emerging methodologies and technologies

Thinks analytically

• Defines logical steps and priorities by breaking down tasks systematically

• Clarifies problems by driving to understand the true issue

Achieves business outcomes

• Looks for opportunities for improving methods and outcomes to the overall benefit of the team and company

• Applies data driven approach (KPIs) in tying technology solutions to specific business outcomes

Exhibits business partnership

• Implements quality and customer satisfaction and assurances that meet established stakeholder requirements

• Makes changes in code that affect quality and performance for a component of a solution

Pursues continuous learning

• Keeps up to date on current research and technology in the industry

• Responds to direction from seasoned engineers, taking feedback, continuously growing skills, and striving to become proficient and expert in a solution

Communicates effectively

• Communicates clearly and concisely, in written and oral formats about decisions, plans and tasks

• Listens effectively and asks questions to identify needs and share information

Behavioral Competencies

• Provides amazing experiences for both internal and external customers by identifying needs and striving to meet them

• Follows through on commitments and obligations and uses company resources wisely

• Understands overall business objectives and priorities and how efforts align

• Collaborates, influences and builds consensus through constructive relationships and effective listening

• Solves problems by incorporating data into decision making

• Focuses on solutions and identifies and removes barriers to problem solving

• Adjusts to changing situations and expectations and shows willingness to learn new ways to achieve goals

  • 2-3 years hands-on experience working with Spark and SparkSQL
  • BA/BS degree in mathematics, information systems, statistics, marketing, business or related disciplines or equivalent experience.
  • Proficient coder in Java, Python
  • Experienced with organizing, aggregating, querying, and analyzing data using SQL and SparkSQL
  • Strong communication is essential - must be able to listen and understand the question and develop and deliver clear insights
  • Competent in ad-hoc, in-depth analysis and development of clear recommendations
  • Capable of delivering contextual, thoughtfully presented, visual output
  • Outstanding team player
  • Independent and able to manage and prioritize workload
  • Must be comfortable and competent analyzing large data sets
  • Ability to quickly and positively adapt to change
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment