Sr. Hadoop Developer

Company Name: HomeAway
Location: Austin, Texas
Date Posted: 17th Feb, 2017
  • Build infrastructure using Hadoop’s core components such as HBase, Kafka, and Hive.
  • Build data flows using Hadoop’s components including Oozie, Sqoop, Kafka and Hive
  • Build work flows to accomplish complex tasks such as predictive analytics.
  • Proficient with java and restful API development 
  • Collaborate with other teams including Software Developers, Data Scientist, and Data Warehouse Developers
  • Work with large, multi-terabyte, data sets data using Hadoop, Hive and SQL.Be proficient with MapReduce 
  • Be proficient with HBase
  • Have a solid understanding of Hadoop’s infrastructure.
  • Work in a collaborative environment


- Proficiency with Spark
- Proficiency with Samza
- Experience with Machine Learning

- Experience with Click Stream Analysis
- Experience with Google BigQuery