Staff Data Scientist

Company Name: Tesla Motors
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Date Posted: 17th Apr, 2017

Many of your responsibilities will be project-based. Depending on capabilities of the partner team, the priority of their project, and its computational requirements, your responsibilities will include (in order of increasing involvement):

  • providing peer review of analysis and supporting production implementation.
  • guiding the definition of the problem and its solution, with prototypes where appropriate.
  • identifying opportunities and driving their solution and implementation.

You will also be responsible for identifying and providing tooling that can increase productivity of the fleet analytics community such as feature extraction frameworks and model-predict-control workflows.




  • 5+ years experience in Python.
  • 2+ years experience developing and operating high-uptime data services.
  • 5+ years experience in advanced numerical methods.
  • A strong predilection for good software and the processes that make it.
  • Diverse experience modeling physical and behavioral systems.
  • Proven success in the development and maintenance of customer-facing data services.
  • Smart but humble, with a bias for action.


  • Proficiency in Java, C++, C.
  • Experience with Hadoop, HBase, Spark, HPC.
  • Experience manipulating 100's of terrabytes of data.
  • Basic sysadmin capabilities.
  • Experience with physics-based models and electromechanical systems.