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Benefits to Portfolio Management

How will this Portfolio Management Certificate benefit you?

  • Learn Financial Planning & Portfolio Management
  • Understand the various investment options such as Equity, Debt, Derivatives. Forex etc
  • Calculate returns, yields, allocations, risk using Excel
  • Get exposed to portfolio management case studies and best practices taught by leading financial planners with backgrounds from IIM, Reliance Capital, BSE etc
  • Get career assistance by interacting with industry professionals who will guide you with your interviews and job search

Portfolio Management jobs

What Jobs does this Portfolio Management Certificate prepare you for?

  1. Private Wealth Manager in companies such as ICICI, Citibank, Deutsche Bank
  2. Portfolio Management Analyst in various Financial Institutions such as Blackrock, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Tata Finance etc
  3. Market Analyst in Brokerage firms such as Karvy, Edelweiss, India Infoline etc

Portfolio Management via online videos and adaptive quizzes

How will I Learn Portfolio Management online?

  1. 100% Online self-paced portfolio management course that you can watch from anywhere, any number of times
  2. 108 modules and each module contains a 10-15 minute video followed by an adaptive quiz
  3. Unlimited phone calls to clear doubts with faculty

Portfolio Management and get placement assistance

What kind of Placement Assistance do you provide?

You will get the following assistance from DeZyre faculty.

  1. Help you in rewriting your resume to showcase skills you have learnt in the portfolio management course
  2. Give you tips on what portfolio management jobs to apply, how to apply
  3. Give you mock interview practice
  4. Give you Career guidance

Doubt Clearance

What if I have any doubts?

For any doubt clearance, you can use any of the following channels

  • Email - faculty will respond within 24 hours
  • Phone call - Schedule a 30 minute phone call to clear your doubts
  • Skype - Schedule a face to face skype session to go over your doubts

money back guarantee

What if I am not satisfied?

DeZyre has a 'No Questions asked' 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like our course, please let us know before you take the final exam and we will refund your fees.


Why Financial Planning
Different Asset classes

Concept of Financial Planning

Client Questionnaire
Assets and Liabilities
Short-term and long-term goals
Time Value of Money (TVM)
Calculating monthly savings to achieve a financial goal
Net Surplus and Savings Ratio
Current Ratio and Liquidity Ratio
Cash Flow Statement
Strategic and Tactical management

Managing Investment Risk

Systematic and Unsystematic Risks
Reinvestment, Interest rate, Purchasing power, Liquidity risk
Exchange rate, Tax rate, Inflation risk
Alpha, Beta
Variance, Standard Deviation

Measuring Investment Returns

Real return
Lumpsum, monthly and yearly EMI calculations
Calculating Loan EMI's using CMPD

Investment Vehicles

Small Savings Schemes
Fixed Income and Mutual Fund
Equities - Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Derivatives - Call and Put options

Investment Strategies

Active and Passive
Asset Allocation - Strategic and Tactical
Correlation Coefficient, Beta
Systematic Investment Plans

Insurance Planning

Basics of Insurance
Characteristics of Insurance
Requirements of Insurance
Endowment, Whole life plans, Moneyback policy
Pension, Term plan, ULIP, Non-Life, Health, Motor
Human life value
Needs Based Approach

Retirement Planning

Real Return
Expense and Income method
Defined Benefits and Defined Contribution

Tax Planning

Direct and Indirect Taxes
Tax deductions
Tax exemptions
Heads of Income and Taxable Income
Tax Slabs

Financial Institutions, Instruments & Markets

Why Financial Markets
Assets & Liabilities
The Concept of a Balance Sheet
Market Classifications
Market Intermediaries
Bid and Ask Price
Stock Exchanges
Long and Short Positions

Equity Capital Markets

Nature of Equity
Book Value and Market Value
Stock Splits and Reverse Splits
Stock Dividends
Voting Rights and Preferred Shares
Convertible Preferred Shares

Bonds and Debt Capital Markets

Plain Vanilla Debt
Valuation of a Coupon
Par, Discount, and Premium Bonds
Zero Coupon and Floating Rate Bonds
Callable and Puttable Bonds
Rating Agencies

Mutual Funds and Pension Funds

Mutual Fund Basics
Open-end and Closed-end Funds
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Expense Ratio
Categorization of Funds
Exchange Traded Funds

Derivatives Overview and Pricing

Forward versus Futures Contracts
Forward versus Futures Exchanges
Call and Put Options
The role of futures and options markets
Value at Risk (VAR)
Margins and marking to market
Introduction to Options
Exercising Options
Rights and Obligations
Put-Call Parity
Naked Call
Long Put

Foreign Exchange

Spot Market
Bid and Ask Quotes
Forex Arbitrage
Forward Market
Synthetic Rate

Debt Mutual Funds

Overview of Debt
Interest Rates and Duration
Participants in the Indian Debt Market
Credit Rating
Risk Factors & Mutual Fund
Money Market Funds
Debt Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Terminologies

Dr.Sunil Parameswaran
Dr.Sunil Parameswaran MBA - IIM Bangalore, PhD (Finance) - Duke University, North Carolina, USA, Bachelors - St.Stephens College, Delhi

Dr.Sunil Parameswaran brings with him more than 20 years of teaching experience in some of the top management institutes, both in India and abroad, as regular / visiting faculty.

Dr.Sunil is a much sort after Corporate Consultant and trainer and his clients include JP Morgan, Societe Generale, WIPRO Technologies, Mindtree Consulting, HCL Technologies, ANZ IT, Kanbay, Techspan. Dr. Sunil is the author of over 10 books in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets.

Dr.Sunil is a MBA from IIM(Bangalore) and a PhD in Finance from Duke University. He pursued his undergraduation from St.Stephens College, Delhi

Premal Pipalia
Premal Pipalia Zonal Training Manager - Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd

Premal's expertise is in Training & Content Development on Domain knowledge, Life & Functional Skills.

His Specialties include Domain training expertise in Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Taxation and other financial services, Life Skills, Project management for rolling out training initiatives across country, Training needs analysis & content development, Mobile Learning solutions, Leading, Managing & Driving a team of internal & external trainers.

Vivek Karwa
Vivek Karwa Certified Financial Advisor, CFP, CPFA, Financial Show host on NDTV, CNBC

Vivek's expertise is in Personal Financial Planning and the Stock Markets.

He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - Certified by the Financial Planning Standards Board of India and NISM (National Institute of Securities Management). Vivek is also a regular TV host for financial and stock news on NDTV Profit, NDTV Hindu, Sun TV and CNBC.

Vivek is the Co-Chairman of the Expert Committee on Investment, Capital Markets & Insurance at the Hindustan Chamber of Commerce.He is also the official trainer for Reliance Mutual Fund apart from being a Visiting faculty at the International College of Financial Planning (ICOFP), Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP).


How can the investors redress their complaints?

what is the step and procedure for redressal of investot grievance....
Apr 16 2014 01:46 PM

human life value

how to calculate HLV using casio fc-200v...
Apr 01 2014 03:55 PM

net surplus and saving ratio

the question no.4 on the quiz to find the net surplus and saving ratio of which salary is Rs 25,000,rent income Rs 12000,interest on fixed deposit Rs6000,dividend from stock Rs5000 and rent paid Rs900...
Mar 23 2014 02:03 PM

what is liability protection?

how to calculate liability protection?...
Mar 22 2014 07:49 PM

what is expense protection?

how to calculate expense protection?...
Mar 22 2014 07:48 PM

What is the income (25,000+12000+6000+5000) is it 48000/-Exps. (9000+8000+10000) is it 27000. surplus Rs 21000. Are dividends not taken as they are not fixed in nature.

Note the following data of a client: Salary-Rs. 25000; Rental Income- Rs. 12000; Interest on Fixed Deposit-Rs. 6000; Dividend from stocks - Rs. 5000; Rent paid - Rs. 9000; Home Loan EMI - Rs. 8000; Ho...
Nov 20 2013 05:52 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need the DeZyre Certificate in Portfolio Management?

Jobs in Banking and Capital Market are extremely competitive. There are thousands of well qualified applicants for every open position. This DeZyre certification in capital market will significantly improve your chances of a successful career since you will learn the exact skills that industry is looking for.

The best financial industry experts, will teach you using real-life industry case studies, current events and personal experience. At the end of this course you will have a confident grasp of the technicals of equity, debt, derivates, forex and mutual funds. You will be able to apply for jobs that involve financial planning, wealth management, Demat relationship management etc

2. How do I study Portofolio Management course online on

Step 1 – Enroll and pay for the course by clicking on the “Take this course” button

Step 2 - Once you enroll for the course, we will email you a username and password. 

Step 3 - Once you login, you will see all the course modules. Each module has a video, where you can see the faculty explaining the various concepts using Excel and Powerpoint. The faculty will work-out the various analysis and problems in the video for your easy understanding. 

3. What is the duration of the portfolio management course 

Most of our students finish the course in 4-6 weeks. You can login whenever you are free and complete a few modules a day. You can finish it faster if you do more modules every day. 

4. How do I contact the faculty to clear doubts

When you have any doubts in the course content, you have 2 options to get them clarified – 

1. Post you questions on the discussion board by clicking “Ask a Question”. Faculty will reply immediately. 

2. Schedule a phone call with the faculty to clear your doubts by calling us at 98840 53840.

5. What is the format of the portfolio management exam?

The exam is an online multiple choice exam and consists of 60 questions that should be completed in 2 hours. The passing score on the examination is 60%. There is no negative marking. 

6. For how long is my DeZyre login and password valid to access my portfolio management course

Once you have enrolled for the course, there is no validity or end date. You can access your course contents anytime, even after you finish your final exam.