Coupon Purchase Prediction Machine Learning Project

In this machine learning project, we will predict which coupons a customer will buy.


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What will you learn

  • Understanding the problem statement

  • Importing a training dataset and testing

  • Installing necessary libraries and understanding its use

  • What is Data Munging

  • Visualization using Barplot

  • Visualization using Histogram

  • What is Gaussian distribution and how to visualize it

  • Visualizing distribution of other variables using ggplot

  • Creating a subset of variables to categorize them into similar types

  • Visualizing categorical variables using piechart

  • Converting categorical into numerical types

  • Data imputation for NA values

  • Feature engineering (creating new features from existing feature)

  • Cosine similarity and how does it works

  • Convert the data to dot product in a matrix format

  • Calculation of cosine similarities of users and coupons

  • Order the list of coupons according to similairties

  • Making final predictions and saving it into CSV format

Project Description

Recruit Ponpare is Japan's leading joint coupon site, offering huge discounts on everything from hot yoga, to gourmet sushi, to a summer concert bonanza. Ponpare's coupons open doors for customers they've only dreamed of stepping through. They can learn difficult to acquire skills, go on unheard of adventures, and dine like (and with) the stars.

Using past purchase and browsing behavior, this competition asks you to predict which coupons a customer will buy in a given period of time. The resulting models will be used to improve Ponpare's recommendation system, so they can make sure their customers don't miss out on their next favorite thing.

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Curriculum For This Mini Project

02h 34m
03h 17m