Design a Network Crawler by Mining Github Social Profiles

Design a Network Crawler by Mining Github Social Profiles

In this big data project, we will look at how to mine and make sense of connections in a simple way by building a Spark GraphX Algorithm and a Network Crawler.


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What will you learn

Designing your Github network of persons
Building the network model in HBase
Running your network crawler
Using spark to analyze the network
Running graph algorithms using GraphFrame or Spark GraphX

Project Description

The internet has grown from being a connection of web pages to a connection of people and even things. Famous companies around the world have made name and money by accelerating this connection and communication.

In this big data project, we will look at how to mine and make sense of connections in a simple way - Github. Github has evolved from the beginning just a source version control software to a social coding platform. That social component has increased its relevance in the midst of competition. We can, therefore, apply this learning in our business by not only providing goods or services but always exploring connections among customers.

This exploration journey is what this Spark GraphX project is all about as we will mine the people connection around some Github projects and try to perform some famous graph algorithm on this connection network.Note that this class will be a little code-intensive. 

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