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Build a Customer Churn Prediction Model for Insurance Domain

Machine Learning Project in R -Predict which customers will leave an insurance company in the next 12 months.

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What will you learn

  • Application of predictive models in churn prediction
  • Apply other machine learning based models
  • Apply tree based models in churn prediction
  • Apply model comparison techniques
  • Make recommendations to the business

What will you get

  • Access to recording of the complete project
  • Access to all material related to project like data files, solution files etc.


  • Go through the business statement
  • Complete basic analysis stuff
  • Language used: R

Project Description

Understanding customer loyalty is an important part of any business. The ability to predict ahead of time when a customer is likely to churn can enable early intervention processes to be put in place, and ultimately a reduction in customer churn.  This machine learning project will find a solution for predicting which existing customers of an insurance company will leave in 12 months time, and when.