PUBG Finish Placement Data Science Project in R

PUBG Finish Placement Data Science Project in R

In this project, we will try to predict how often players playing a video game called PUBG will win when they play by themselves.
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What will you learn

Learn how to handle huge data set and along with data cleaning activities
Pipeline commands to handle data cleaning activities
Classification model tuning parameters
Usage of one of the powerful libraries, i.e., caret to work out a classification model
Visually representing the important variables in a model

Project Description

We will try to predict how often players playing a video game called PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS(more famously known as PUBG) will win when they play by themselves.

The data set provides information about players’ statistics for approximately 85,000 of the top PUBG players. All statistics were gathered using aggregate region filters (all regions) and feature labels are subdivided by server type: solo, duo, and squad. The data consists of 87,898 players with 150 numerical game-play features per player (+2 for the player name and PUBG Tracker ID).

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Curriculum For This Mini Project