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Machine Learning Projects in R

Get ready to use Machine Learning Projects in R for solving real-world business problems

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Machine Learning Projects in R


Estimating churners before they discontinue using a product or service is extremely important. In this ML project, you will develop a churn prediction model in telecom to predict customers who are most likely subject to churn.

Machine Learning Project in R- Predict the customer churn of telecom sector and find out the key drivers that lead to churn. Learn how the logistic regression model using R can be used to identify the customer churn in telecom dataset.

In this ensemble machine learning project, we will predict what kind of claims an insurance company will get. This is implemented in python using ensemble machine learning algorithms.

In this machine learning project, you will develop a machine learning model to accurately forecast inventory demand based on historical sales data.

In this time series project, you will build a model to predict the stock prices and identify the best time series forecasting model that gives reliable and authentic results for decision making.

In this data science project, you will predict borrowers chance of defaulting on credit loans by building a credit score prediction model.

In this loan prediction project you will build predictive models in Python using to predict if an applicant is able to repay the loan or not.

Music Recommendation Project using Machine Learning - Use the KKBox dataset to predict the chances of a user listening to a song again after their very first noticeable listening event.

Data Science Project in R-Predict the sales for each department using historical markdown data from the Walmart dataset containing data of 45 Walmart stores.

In this data science project, you will work with German credit dataset using classification techniques like Decision Tree, Neural Networks etc to classify loan applications using R.

In this R data science project, we will explore wine dataset to assess red wine quality. The objective of this data science project is to explore which chemical properties will influence the quality of red wines.

Data Science Project - Build a recommendation engine which will predict the products to be purchased by an Instacart consumer again.

Machine Learning Project in R-Detect fraudulent click traffic for mobile app ads using R data science programming language.

In this machine learning project, you will uncover the predictive value in an uncertain world by using various artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced regression and feature transformation techniques.

In this data science project in R, we are going to talk about subjective segmentation which is a clustering technique to find out product bundles in sales data.

Learn to classify the sentiment of sentences from the Rotten Tomatoes dataset. You will be asked to label phrases on a scale of five values: negative, somewhat negative, neutral, somewhat positive, positive.

In this machine learning project, we will use hundreds of anonymized features to predict if customers are satisfied or dissatisfied for one of the biggest banks - Santander

In this machine learning project, you will build predictive models to identify wine preferences of people using physiochemical properties of wines and help restaurants recommend the right quality of wine to a customer.

Machine Learning Project in R -Predict which customers will leave an insurance company in the next 12 months.

In this machine learning project, we will predict which coupons a customer will buy.

Learn Machine Learning by Creating Projects in R

Why you should work on ProjectPro’s Machine Learning Projects in R ?

  • It is a known fact that learning machine learning without applying or putting it to the test is like no learning at all. Applying machine learning concepts on real business use cases is a must. These projects in R go a long way to prove your capability than a mere mention of a machine learning certification on your resume making a strong case with the interviewer.
  • R Machine Learning projects will bring reliability as opposed to just mentioning a list of technologies on your resume.ProjectPro’s machine learning projects ideas help you bring credibility to the table which is difficult for the recruiters to ignore.

Who should work on R Machine Learning Projects?

  • R programmers who want to delve into the world of machine learning.
  • Students who have basic theoretical knowledge of machine learning but want to explore various applications of it through practice.
  • Data engineers, data scientists and machine learning practitioners who want a broader exposure to diverse business use cases.
  • Any data geek from novice to intermediate level can choose to work on R machine learning projects.

Key Learning’s from ProjectPro’s Projects in R for Machine Learning

  • Gain practical approach to R programming .
  • Learn to use math, statistics, and  R programming to understand various machine learning concepts and their application.
  • Learn ways to manipulate data using R for machine learning.
  • Learn to generate visualization reports using R language.
  • Understand the benefits of deploying machine learning models in R.
  • Train, evaluate and improve your machine learning models.

What will you get when you enrol for ProjectPro’s Machine Learning Projects in R programming ?

  • Machine Learning Project Source Code in R  -Examine and implement end-to-end real-world interesting machine learning project ideas from Marketing, Supply Chain, eCommerce, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Entertainment domains using R programming project source code.
  • Recorded Demo – Watch a video explanation on how to execute machine learning project examples in R.
  • Mentor Support – Get your technical questions answered with mentorship from experienced machine learning practitioners for a minimal fee. Just in case you are stuck working on any of these projects,  our industry experts will be happy to guide you through the projects. This can be availed by opting for the mentorship track for each project where you can post your queries to the instructor and have a healthy discussion on the same.
  • Complete ML Project Solution Kit – Get access to the dataset, solution, and supporting reference material, if any, for every R machine learning project.

A Complete Guide for Machine Learning Projects in R

If you are a beginner in Data Science and are interested in learning the R programming language through R machine learning projects, then you are at the right place. And, if you are not a beginner but are an intermediate professional who wants to improve your skillset by exploring machine learning projects in R programming, you are also at the right place. ProjectPro has various machine learning projects in R with source code to cater to the users’ different kinds of project demands. The repository of machine learning projects in R is curated to ensure that a beginner finds the projects from the ProjectPro’s library easy to understand and implement. On the other hand, the experts also put extra effort to make the machine learning projects in R challenging for professionals with experience in R.

Below you will find lists of practical machine learning projects that you can refer to, depending upon your experience with machine learning projects in the R programming language.

Machine Learning projects in R with source code for Beginners

Check out the list of beginner-friendly projects that will help you understand the art of implementing machine learning algorithms using R.