And operater plus Vlookup

1. Facing problem in using- and operater, not able to use efficiently in practise
2. Lock down - feature in Vlookup
V look up video - i need more clarity

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I have not recieved a solution / assistance from your side regarding above queries.

Secondly , My course is near completion.
Kindly tell me all about the things i need to take care of (useful tips )before taking final certification test.
What is the passing percentage ?
Plz provide me its details .


Hi Madhur, From your question I cant understand what your specific issue is. Can we schedule a call faculty call for Thursday evening? 7pm?


Regarding the exam - the pass% is 60%.

The exam questions will be in the same format and difficulty level as your quiz questions.

Just review your quiz questions and the advanced videos on vlookup and sorting since there are a handful of questions based on this module.


Hi Binny !
Just read your reply !.
Where can I find the advanced videos on vlookup and sorting on Dezyre platform ?
There is no link in your reply.
Also a call @ 7 pm will be nice way to clear my doubts.
Appreciate your help


Hi Madhur, The vlookup videos should be the last few videos if your course. I will call you at 7pm tomorrow then.

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