What parameters decides on number of shares to be issued.?

when a company goes public and issues shares, who will decide how much shares the company will have and based on what parameters that will be decided.?

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Some states have limits to how many shares a corporation can have and others have franchise tax rules based on the amount of shares and or the value of each share. But I do believe that for small corporations with one or just a couple of shareholders where there isn't intention on acquiring investment capital a small amount of authorized shares is recommended with a low par value, such as 1500 shares at $1. This amount is low enough not to impose any increased franchise tax.

So,I do believe that a small amount of authorized shares is good with a low par value.


Its mostly decided by the Investment Bankers and the Company CFO.

First they will decide the valuation of the company. Lets say $ 1 billion

Then they will pick a number of shares quantity so that price per share is still affordable to most common investors. They will try to keep it under $50 per share.

If there are too few shares then price per share will be $500 and no one can afford to buy those shares.


Thank you Binny sir. and thank you Soham