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What is the difference between a receipt note & delivery order?

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Receipt note is generally issued when the business entity receives the goods ordered to the supplier. It is also known as the GOODS RECEIPT NOTE or GRN. Delivery order is passed by the concern when goods leave the premises of the business. It is usually issued for internal purposes of the entity.


A delivery note (or packing slip) must be matched with the invoice and the original purchase order. Most companies won't pay an invoice without the proof of delivery because often times the person making out the checks has no idea if the goods were received or not, unless they have that piece of paper that confirms that the order was complete and correct.


An account receivable and a note receivable both refer to money that is owed to you/your company by another person/company. Both can be current assets or long term assets. However, the difference in the two is:

A Note Receivable has some form of contract signed, [i.e. promissory note etc.] while an account receivable does not. A note receivable is generally paid out at equal interval payments and generally carries interest, while an account receivable can carry interest it generally does not.

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