What is Stock groups & stock categories ?

Difference Between Stock groups & Stock Categories. Explain and illustrate with an example in proper manner .

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hello gaachit. stock groups and categories basically serve the same purpose. they are a method of classifying your stock based on some attributes or qualities or nature or some distinguishing characteristic. that is why Tally textbooks tell you that they can be used interchangeably. by interchangeably Tally Solutions are probably suggesting that although most Tally texbooks use the classic example of TELEVISIONS as the main Stock Group and Sony/Panasonic/LG as the Sub-groups of TELEVISIONS Main Group, you can use the brands as Categories as well. The classic Tally Texbook example then tell you to use different LED/LCD Screen sizes like 30 inches, 24 inches and 14 inches as categories. This is also correct. But you can also classify sizes as Groups.

For e.g my company is in the furniture business and we have furniture classifications like SEATING or TABLES. But within SEATING we have Cafeteria Chairs, Executive Office Chairs, Operative Office Chairs, Stackable Chairs, Dining Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Guest Chairs etc. Also there are different brands available in each chair type like Herman-Miller, Neoce, Sunchair etc (these are brands). So how do we classify them into Stock Groups and Categories?? that's the golden question right?

So the answer is that I first created the broad Group of FINISHED GOODS. Under FINISHED GOODS Group I created SEATING (and other groups like Table, Workstations etc). In the SEATING Group I created sub-groups for the chairs types I have mentioned above (Cafeteria Chairs, Office Chairs etc).

Then in the Categories I created the Brands mentioned above. Within the brands there were different product series like OH-100 Group Chair series. I created the series as sub-categories under the main categories or brands.

So that's the answer to your question. hope it was sufficient. if you need more help tell me.


what do you mean by multiple stock group