Job profile of a Financial Analyst - Eclerx/BPO/KPO

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One more question, as this course suggests that one will be very thorough in corporate finance or for the post of financial analyst. But there are companies in the industry which are basically KPO or BPO i.e. Knowledge Processing outsourcing and business processing outsourcing. These companies also requires Financial analyst for their companies. But there the aspects are different. For example, Eclerx which is into providing Financial Services for the capital market and derivatives market. Wherein an analyst has to process the data of their clients and analyse the same from different aspects as a Financial Analyst. So here the financial analyst takes up a different role as compared to one which we are learning. Is it so?

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Jignesh, It depends on what kind of KPO. For example Copal Partners is an example of a KPO were, Investment Banks outsource their analysis to Copal - in a company such as this, the course contents will be highly relevant to the job profile.

In KPO's that deal with derivatives etc, only small parts of this course will be relevant. However, we are launching another course, in a week that will focus on Derivatives also.


ok thanx sir


Click this link to read about the Ultimate Guide to Financial Modelling


link does not provide any financial modelling details

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