vlookup function

Under the vlookup function, could you please explain range look up.i'm not able to understand it

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Range Lookup is an optional. You can give it 2 states - TRUE or FALSE.

If you give TRUE or you leave it blank (like in the video), it will expect the first column of the selected table to be in ascending order (like in the video). It will return an exact OR an approximate match to your 'lookup_value'.

If you give FALSE, it will not expect the first column to be in ascending order. It will return only an exact match to your 'lookup_value'.

What this means is that if the tabe is not in ascending order, you have to use FALSE as the 'range_lookup'. But, like instructed in the video, it is better to place the values in ascending order and then use the vlookup function - and when doing this you can either leave it blank or enter TRUE for 'range_lookup'.

Hope this clarifies the doubt. :)