Is tally only useful for recording stock related transactions?

Is tally only useful for Inventory of particular stock

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no, it can be used for other things also. for example,restaurant stock, cash or credit payments etc.


ya, as said it can be used to many business and it is actually a wonderful tool for the small businesses


hi pallak. can you elaborate you query? yes Tally ERP 9 has a very powerful Inventory module, in fact the Inventory Module is Tally ERP 9's strongest point in think. probably because it has been developed with trading companies in mind.

but Tally ERP 9 is also used by service organizations (that's why we have accounts invoice also because the item invoice is used usually by trading companies).

it is also used by companies that don't deal in inventory at all for e.g. chartered accountant firms. that is why at the company creation stage you have the option to create 'accounts only' or 'accounts with inventory' company.

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