How many predefined voucher types are there to record transactions ?

How many predefined voucher types (ACCOUNTING AND INVENTORY) are there in tally erp.9 ?

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from Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info (or Inventory Info) > Voucher Types > Display

here you will find a listing of pre-defined voucher types.

BUT pre-defined listing also depends on what features you have enabled in F11. For e.g. if you have not enabled Job Costing or Payroll features in F11 you wont be able to see their respective voucher types in the pre-defined voucher type list from the above navigation path.


There are 18 different pre-defined Voucher types in Tally.ERP 9. Voucher type pertains to both Accounting and Inventory. These are used for recording various transactions according to the user needs.
Examples include Cash Payment Vouchers and Bank Payment vouchers where the relevant predefined voucher is Payment Voucher. You may have two or more sets of Sales Vouchers for different kinds of sales transactions e.g. Credit Sales, Cash Sales, etc.
If a voucher type is created, you can:
· Have the different Voucher numbering methods.
· Give own prefix and suffix details for the voucher numbering.
· Use the Effective Dates for the vouchers.
· By default make some vouchers optional if required.
· Decide to have the Common Narration or Narration for each entry
· Automate the printing immediately after saving the vouchers.
· Get separate reports for each type of voucher.


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