Suggestions for Improvement

Before any suggestions I would like to congratulate the entire DeZyre team for such a remarkable effort. Also I realize that this is a question forum and not a recommendation forum but I could not find one.

In the basic accounting module videos I found a few fundamental errors in explaining accounting conventions. for e.g. the teacher said that 'revenue realized means money received' which is incorrect. in fact revenue is realized when it is earned (i.e. when a sale has been completed) rather than when money is received for it. Also the smoothness of delivering the presentation was not there.

I would suggest that DeZyre ask accounting experts (they don't have to be C.As; just very good B.Com, M.Com or CAT passed students) to deliver accounting videos. and the IT aspects by the IT stalwarts at Tally. I would be willing to provide more feedback if needed.

Once again, overall this is a wonderful wonderful effort and I am getting each paise of my money's worth. Thanks!

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